Teen-Friendly Driving Expertise

At Midwest Driving School, our lively class discussions and enjoyable educational activities will give students the knowledge required to become excellent drivers. We serve the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area. Contact us today and ask for our specials. We reserve the right to set prices in certain locations based on local driver education rates.

Educational Driving Lessons & Courses for Teens

Ensure that your teenage driver follows safe driving practices. At Midwest Driving School, we offer complete lessons and courses from experienced professionals. We believe in student-centered instruction, and we want your children to be able to learn at times that are convenient for them. For that reason, our services are available at a variety of times, dates, and locations. Contact us today to discuss what time and date works best for you in your community.

Classroom Lessons

Consisting of 10 three-hour sessions, our lessons help demonstrate the importance of safe driving. Using up-to-date videos, lectures, field trips to a trucking company to learn about sharing the road with commercial vehicles, presentations, guest speakers (when available), and class discussions, we help minimize distracted driving incidents on our roads. Remember, safety starts with education!

After students have completed their 30 hours of classroom instruction, they will receive their "Blue Card," which allows them to take a Minnesota permit test. Students must attend all 10 sessions. Any missed sessions must be made up before a "Blue Card" will be issued. For your convenience, make-up sessions are available. Classroom fees for all locations are $160 and are due on the first day of class. We offer instruction at various schools in the area, including:

GFW • Sibley East • Norwood • Prior Lake • Glencoe Silver Lake.

Road Sessions

Behind-the-wheel driving lessons consist of six hours of one-on-one instruction. These lessons are broken up into three two-hour sessions. Behind-the-wheel fees for all locations are $300 per student, and are due on the first day of driving.

Behind-the-wheel classes for adults, which consist of six hours of instruction, every 2 hours session costs $160. Or take the test as well for $200.

When Can We Get Started?

The state of Minnesota requires anyone under the age of 18 to attend 30 hours of classroom training before they can take a permit test, so we offer our driving courses early. Students may start driving lessons at the age of 14, obtain their permit at age 15, and become licensed at age 16. To be eligible to take the road test, students must hold a permit for a minimum of six months and complete six hours of behind-the-wheel training with a licensed instructor. Contact us today to learn about our driving courses and lessons.

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